Web Data Scraping Services

Our advanced technology and in-depth data understanding can extract information from varied sources like password protected sites, structured as well as unstructured data sites, etc. without the cumbersome process of cutting and pasting into excel.

We follow a very simple process of data extraction. Whether you have one time data extraction requirement or need a constant data feed, we will customize our proprietory tools and deliver it to you so that you can witness the magic yourself. You just need to mention your detailed requirement like what type of data to extract, source of this data - website, etc., how do you want the data like in what format - excel, csv, database, etc.

Our's is a very cost effective model for our services. Our services start from USD 69.99 which can cover most of your requirements. This includes upto 8 hours of scraping work. Beyond this limit, our price structure is simply on per hour basis which is USD 15.00 per hour. We have no limit on the number of records extracted.

And yes, if you are not satisfied with the work, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You only pay when you get the data.

Simply give us your detailed requirement below and we will share with you a complete estimate and plan for the project. Not to mention, we will not exaggerate cost and only charge you the genuine price for our services.

Our services can scrape data from
Static websites
Dynamic websites
Password protected sites
Login panels
E-commerce sites
Social sites
Websites with lazy loading

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Customer Reviews

  • By Chris White, CA

    "It's WOW! Data scraping experts have been instrumental in my data analysis. Keep up the good work."

  • By John Williams, NY

    "I received excellent service, and I am fully satisfied with it."

  • By Joe Marrone, NJ

    "These guys have helped me in gathering and organizing data. They have responded quickly and effectively."