Windows 10 Tools For Power Users

If you are a hardcore windows pc power user, Windows 10 has many advanced features designed for you. Listed below are some of the powerful tools which probably you don't want to miss. Windows 10 brings along with it faster boot process, pooled storage spaces and reset-refresh tools to quickly start installation from scratch.

Command Prompt - the age old windows command prompt now has the capability to use Ctrl + V paste option, dynamically change window size and text wrapping.


Linux Bash Shell - Microsoft has added the support for Linux's Bash Shell in Windows 10. It now has native Ubuntu binaries built into the operating system which gives access to all Linux tools like awk, sed, grep, vi, etc. You can now use apt-get command just like in Linux to download other tools like Ruby, Redis, emacs, and many more. This is absolutely fantastic to have this feature as you can now work in Linux shell without moving out of Windows.


Clean Interface - if Windows 8 full screen live tiles interface sucks then Windows 10 has made a lot of improvement by migrating back to desktop style interface having start menu. Now windows store apps fit inside a single windows rather than consuming entire screen space.

Virtual Desktops - another great feature that gives you the capability to move and segregate open programs between virtual desktops. You can now keep multiple desktops each having different flavour like one for work tools, another for games, etc. If you have sufficient RAM then you can simultaneously open applications and snap them around 4 corners of your screen.


Multiple display scaling - with Windows 10 you can now configure to use different screen scaling as per your requirement. This is especially useful when connecting a tablet as an added display and have landscape scaling for this display.


File History Feature - you can use the Windows 10 File History Feature while working with documents which saves the snapshots of document revisions on a backup drive. The feature is really important when you want to roll back a critical document if changes were made by mistake.

Natural Language Search - Windows 10 Cortana digital assistant uses natural language search to give you awesome search results. This is really powerful when doing complex searches within your system. It can search local drives and Microsoft OneDrive to give you more power while searching. Examples like "Show me photos from December 2015", "Show me white feathered bird pictures" are now possible.

P2P Windows Updates - Windows 10 updates now have the capability to download updates from P2P networks. The best part is that you can now download all critical updates on 1 PC inside your network and then share them with other systems without wasting extra bandwidth. This setting is available at Settings > Update & Recovery > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Choose how you download updates.


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