Best New Features of Windows 10

After a long time, Microsoft has built a wonderful operating system which is Windows 10 and it is no doubt better than all its predecessors. Its a combination of both Windows 7 and Windows 8 where it has bid good bye to irritating full screen apps and Metro start screen. It appeals both to the smart touch screen users as well as keyboard users. The Desktop is back and so is the Windows Start Menu. Its been more than a year since its launch and people are loving it. Microsoft has launched Windows 10 Anniversary update and we are sure you will love these new cool features.

Start Menu - Windows 10 start menu is an awesome mix of old type menu and Windows 8 metro apps. It is beautifully placed at its old location which is bottom left. And you also have the option to completely switch off the live metro apps and switch back to old type start menu. You can customize this as per your needs now.


Action Centre - This is a new feature which is similar to the notification centre of your smartphone. Click on the icon which is on the right side of the clock to launch it. A windows shortcut key combination of "Windows Key + A" is also available for easier access. If you have a Windows Phone, then these notifications can be synchronised between your phone and PC if you're using the same Micosoft account on both the devices. You can also customise the tiles and add Quick Action tiles. To do this, go to Start > Settings > Notifications & actions. The Action Center also provides quick-action buttons for common functions, like activating Bluetooth or connecting to a VPN, as well as an option for shifting the interface to Tablet Mode.


Continuum Mode - This feature of Windows 10 enables you to switch between touch mode and keyboard mode easily. If you have a laptop which has a touch screen and is detachable, then Windows 10 automatically switches between touch mode or input mode whenever it detects removal or connection of keyboard. You can also customize this setting as Windows 10 allows you to save this as preference whwnever you do this action for the first time. In tablet mode, the Start menu and windows apps expands to fit the full screen.

Windows Defender - Windows 10 built-in anti virus software is now much more advanced and powerful. It lets you schedule scan and give notifications. Windows defender is now connected to cloud which makes it more potent against threats.


Cortana - Is Microsoft's digital assistant on Windows 10, which can be used to perform smart search functions. It is Microsoft's answer to Apple Siri or Android Google Talk. Cortana accesses your personal info, and then use that along with Bing cloud to search information you're looking for and also perform other helpful tasks. Cortana uses natural language processing or NLP which are used to find all sorts of online information. It can also be used in offline search as well to search your hard drive, Microsoft OneDrive and business network for files, like "Find image files from November". The Cortana digital assistant can play music, create reminders, set alarms, etc.

Edge Browser - This clearly is a giant leap into the internet world by Microsoft Windows 10. The Edge Browser is built from ground up and is a brand new browser which is built for speed, power and smoothness. It uses a new rendering engine and together with Cortana, the duo forms a killer combination. The edge browser's digital inking tools helps you to easily mark a website and share it with others. It comes with a clean reading view and reading list app to stash articles for later use. Also it is the only browser that can stream Netflix @1080p.


Windows Ink - Is Microsoft's app with stylus support. Clicking your styli button or pressing the new pen icon in the taskbar pulls up the new Windows Ink dashboard. The dashboard includes new native inking apps, any existing inking apps you've recently used and suggests any stylus-supporting apps.


Snap Assist - A new Windows 10 Snap Assist feature helps users to snap apps to whichever way they like. Now snap windows into new screens and tile Windows - just as you've been doing since pre-historic windows days.


New Command Prompt - For those who use command prompt have now access the keyboard shortcuts within command prompt window. So you will now be able to use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V. Pretty exciting!

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