Quick Shortcut To Enable Disable WiFi

This quick hack will help you enable or disable the WiFi in your laptop without using the switch available in your computer. This is also useful if for any reason the switch in your laptop has gone bad or you are using an external WiFi adaptor.

To achieve that, we will create 2 shortcuts on our desktop. We will name them "Enable Wifi" and "Disable WiFi".

Identify the name of your WiFi connection is the first step. This name is required since the script we will create will use it to enable or disable it. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings.

Note down the name of the WiFi connection you want to disable.


Next step is to create shortcuts on your desktop. You may create these shortcuts anywhere but desktop is the most ideal location as it is easily accessible. Right-click on windows desktop and select New > Shortcut.

Copy and paste the following line in the box. XXXX is the name of the wifi connection which we noted earlier.

netsh interface set interface name="XXXX" admin = disabled


Name the shortcut "Disable Wi-Fi" or whatever you wish like and click "Finish".

Similarly create the shortcut to Enable Wi-FI. Again right-click on windows desktop and select New > Shortcut.

Type or copy-paste this command.

netsh interface set interface name="XXXX" admin = enabled

Name the shortcut "Enable Wi-Fi" and click "Finish".

Last step is to change the properties of these shortcuts and make them Run as Administrator since the netsh command requires Administrative access to execute on your system. Right-click on the shortcuts one at a time and select "Properties".

Click the "Advanced" button on the Shortcut tab and enable the "Run as Administrator" option, and click "OK" twice.


This simple trick will help you disable or enable your Wi-Fi by double-clicking on these shortcuts on your desktop. You will see the User Account Control popup every time you run the shortcut and you can simply click "Yes". There are ways to disable this popup but we don't recommend this as it could lead to other security issues.

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