Useful Tips To Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

Smartphones have now become an integral part of our life and we use them for various tasks throughout the day. Although the battery size and capacity have been improving year on year with capacities upto 10,000 mAh, however at the same time, the new features in our smartphones have become more energy demanding, leading to an increased energy consumption throughout the day, which results in a useless device when we have to make an important call or perform some important task.

There are various ways to extend the life of a battery, which can be software related or by using phone accessories, but there are some very simple and easy tips to achieve the desired results and save precious energy for when we really need it.

Auto Brightness Feature - Turn Off

Now a days all smartphones come with in-built sensors to automatically adjust the brightness of smartphone screens. These sensors work constantly to identify surroundings thus draining battery. Instead manually adjust the brightness to better suit the needs of the environment as this will allow you to save some battery. Also auto brightness is usually brighter than what is needed.

Vibration Mode - Turn Off

The vibration mode of your phone uses more energy whenever activated. There are many actions where vibrate mode is active by default like when you use soft keypad, notifications, long touch, etc. Disable all these features if not required and use silent mode except ringtone. This will lower your phone's battery consumption to a great extent.

Background Apps

Over a period of time, you install multiple apps for your usage and chances are that if you have decent space in your phone, you won't even remove them. But majority of these apps have background services which keeps running in the background. A good idea is to disable background data usage for these apps. Looks like a tedious job but has a lot of impact on your phone battery. Or consider removing these apps altogether if not in use.

Sensors And Features - Turn Off

There are multiple sensors in every smartphone today like GPS, Bluetooth, IR, WiFi, Data. Any app having background service and which uses these sensors drains out battery very quickly. Therefore it is always advisable to turn off these sensors especially Bluetooth and GPS.

Battery Charging

Battery charging pattern can have a negative or positive impact on your battery life. The optimum value to keep your phone charged is between 40% and 80%. Various tests have been performed to arrive at these numbers. Whenever your phone battery reaches 40%, charge it to get it upto 80% and disconnect. This pattern will give you optimal performance and enhance battery life. Also don't leave your phone for overnight charging. Although phones are smart enough to cut-off charging when they reach 100% but still it will have a negative impact overall.

Switch Off

The toughest part considering our dependence on smart phones but we should get into this habit to get a little peace of mind. At-least start by switching off all sensors at night while you go to sleep. This will not only result in getting a sound sleep as notifications won't wake you up but help your phone to take rest as well.

These are some of the simplest tips to keep your battery health at optimum levels. Do share your simple tips below in comments section on how you achieved enhanced battery life.

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