Can we disable windows search service

Question - Can we disable windows search service?

Answer - Windows search service is used to index files and folders in your computer. Over a period of time it slows down the PC and takes lots of hard drive space as well. The benefits include faster search. So the point really is if you do not have a need to search frequently then it is absolutely safe to disable this service. Follow these steps to disable indexing and stop windows search service.

Open My Computer - Right click on Local Disk and select Properties.


Uncheck "Allow file on this drive to have contents indexed....", hit Apply, select 2nd option and then hit Ok. This will take some time to remove indexing. Follow this step for remaining drives if any.

After this goto Start Menu and then go to Run. Type services.msc and hit Ok. Locate Windows Search service and double click on it to open its properties.


Change Startup Type to Disabled, Stop the service and hit Apply. This will disable windows search service. You may reverse these steps to enable search and indexing on your PC.

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