What is system restore and how to use it on Windows

System restore is a windows operating system feature which preserves a state of the OS at that particular point in time. It can be used to roll back your computer state back to a point when this was created. It is useful when during an update process your system goes awry, you may reverse the changes back to a preserved state.

When this feature is turned on, windows keep creating restore points once every week. It creates a snapshot of critical windows files, registry settings and driver details. This functionality is very useful while troubleshooting issues with your system.

Does this have any affect on personal files?

No, system restore does not impact your personal files or data. It does not take backup of your personal files and folders thus restore process does not modify or deletes your files. It only helps in restoring your critical operating system settings. But yes any software that you installed after creating the restore point will be lost after you restore it. These software may or may not work, so it is always advised to re-install the software. The restore process will let you know about software which will get impacted after restore.

Enable System Restore

Open File Explorer and right click on Computer and click Properties. Then click on System Protection.


By default your system drive C should have this protection On. If not then select the system drive and click on configure button.


Select appropriate options and click Ok. This will setup automatic creation of restore points. To manually create a restore point, you may click on Create in first screen. Give a name to your restore point and click Ok. This process might take some time and the system will let you know once this process is complete.

How to do System Restore

If anything goes wrong after you update some drivers or if some software installation corrupts the system, you can always try the system restore process. Click on System Restore button as shown in screen 1. This will start the restore wizard. Select the appropriate options and the most recent restore point or you may decide which restore point. You may click on Scan Affected Programs and Windows will then show you the list programs impacted after restore.


Once you are ok with the changes, click Next and then Finish the wizard. Your PC will restart and the restore process will begin. Once complete, you may verify if everything is working fine or not. Before the restore process starts, Windows automatically creates another point so that you can undo the changes in case the results are not satisfactory.

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